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 hey there          

I can eat breakfast or mexican food anytime of the day, I always have my one of my baby boys on my hip, my hair is typically in a messy bun, my body hates gluten, and I love to find beauty in the simple things in life. I am a Jesus lover, with a slight target obsession... OK... I REALLY love Target!

I am a wife + mama bear to 2 of the most precious little boys ever, Case and Bridger (who you'll also hear me call Cannon sometimes - my husband and I still can't decide lol). I'm down to have a full blown dance sesh or chill and watch TikTok for way too long. My crockpot is my absolute best friend when it comes to dinner! I'm a enneagram 6 (can't decide if I'm a wing 5 or wing 6 though). I LOVE serving at my home church and loving on the youth group! Jesus is the reason I do anything that I do! Without Him, I would be nothing.

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 meet the buckners 

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- Husband + Baby daddy

- Software Engineer

- Favorite Food: Pizza + Hibachi

- Fav Hero: Iron Man

- 2nd child and owns up to the stereotype

- Responds to Bridger and Cannon

- Favorite Food: Waffle House

- Also a Spiderman fan. Taught him Peter Parker's name in an English accent


- Wife + Baby mama

- Photographer + Creative

- Favorite Food: Mexican

- Spiderman Fanatic (Andrew is THE GOAT)


- 1st born child + beyond wild

- Calls him Quicksilver, as in the WW2 P51 Mustang... idk lol

- Favorite Food: Waffle House

- Fav Heros: Paw Patrol (Chase is on the Case) but also talks about "Honk" Hulk alot



that's enough about me

i want to know more about you


 more than a photo 

I don't do any of this to get "likes" or "follows" on social media. I truly feel called to capture the emotion and beauty behind each of your special days! I don't want you to  just remember the picture taking, I want you to remember his sparkled eyes as you whisper "Hey Husband" for the first time. Or the tenderness of tiny fingers and toes of your little human, in those first days, weeks,  and years of life!

Moments of beauty, creamy colors, and those heartfelt seasons - That belly laugh that takes over your whole body, the smile that lingers after he gives you that bear hug, your little one's crazy moments where they are full on being themselves - That's what I love to capture!


I believe in putting 110% into being a mama, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a daughter of The King, business owner, taco enthusiast... 

So if you want photos that go beyond the "lush bouquet" and everyday smile, I would love to be part of your special days.

alright, are you up for an adventure?

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